(ERIE. P.A. - WICU/WSEE/CW) – The past few days, Ken Williams has gone back and forth with a large wheelbarrow, hauling out large pieces of soaked plaster, and crushed ceiling, and dumping the mix into a large backyard dumpster.

"Cleaning the muck out." said Williams

Just two nights ago, the building, located at 312 Market Street in the City of Warren caught fire. Most of the building suffered water damage, most of the fire and smoke damage was kept to the back. Regardless, Williams says there is a lot of work to do.

Work, which Williams says, seems like Déjà vu. Williams, and his wife, Sue, bought the property earlier this year, after he says they were drawn to the formerly vacant building.

He spent the last few months restoring it, with an accounting business, close to setting up shop inside.

"Basically, they were scheduled to move in in two weeks." said Williams

The building has been a cornerstone on Market Street since the late 1860's, and Williams says, its history is worth fighting for, all over again.

"It just has to be saved." he said

According to Williams, the building went through a whole list of owners, and even served as a church for several years.

"It’s just too loveable of a building to give up on." Williams said

And as they continue to check out the damage, Williams knows he has his work cut out for him.
As he says, if they are able to keep the building up, it may take up to a year, maybe even more, to finish.

And while the literal door may be burnt up, Williams is not ready to close it just yet.

“If it'll stick around, I’ll stick around.” he said

Williams said the building was insured, but only as a vacant building.