The city of Erie continues its work to improve Erie, one neighborhood at a time.

Those with the city, along with neighborhood groups, went door to door and surveyed more than 400 residents, in the East Bayfront neighborhood.

The strategic plan to improve the area started a year ago.

It's a grass roots campaign to come up with short-term and long-term strategies to strengthen the neighborhood.

The city is now going over the survey results, to come up with new policies and programs and funding opportunities to address the concerns they heard, “It's vital to have the voice of the residents heard and to have them embrace and adopt the vision themselves and to create it,” said Kathy Wyrosdick, Planning Director with the city of Erie. “What we want to do is listen, and we've done a tremendous amount of listening and understanding and talking to people about what their desires and hopes are for this area,” Wyrosdick continued.

Some neighborhood concerns were basic, like improving lighting and parks, but much of the concerns were with blight, and dilapidated, abandoned homes.

The city is now moving on to another neighborhood, which includes much of the upper east side.