(ERIE. P.A. - WICU/WSEE/CW) – Shadaira Stovall, and Kim Starks know just how hard it can be to catch that first fish.

"It’s challenging." Stovall said

And with Thursday’s discovery of suspected toxic algae just a few miles up the water from where they are fishing, they know, anything wrong in the water, could have them catching something else, they don't want.

"Because, that means that the fish here can be contaminated as well." said Stovall

And from fish in the water, to, people in the water, the concern stayed the same.

 "For one, I wish you would have found me an hour ago, that would have made me feel better." Said Michael Healy

Healy, and his friends, were visiting, and swimming, at Presque Isle State Park Thursday afternoon.

"The fact that it’s only a few miles away definitely makes me a little nervous." he said

And with those concerns in mind, we're told the people at Erie Water Works are continuing to keep a close eye on the


algae, and any others that show up along the shore.

“The best way to treat it is to not let it in to your system." said CEO, Paul Vojtek

And Vojtek says, they have the set up to do just that.

The waterworks’ two water intake spots do not normally bring in algae. But if algae came close, Vojtek says, they would be ready.

"[We] never let our guard down, but we're pretty comfortable with our intakes."

In the meantime,
"If the water is safe, we'll continue to fish." Stovall said

"Knowing that it's being taken care of, staying active, communicating with everyone, I feel pretty comfortable going in the water." said Healy

Overall, Vojtek says they do not see anything threatening with that algae. And they want to reassure people the waters are safe.