WASHINGTON, D.C. - Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senators are split about the White House’s decision to pull the citizenship question for the 2020 Census.

Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican, said he supported President Trump’s push to include the question. Sen. Bob Casey, a Democrat, was among the senators against it.

Critics feared the question would create an undercount of the population by intimidating non-citizens from filling out the Census, which is required every 10 years under the U.S. Constitution. Supporters cited similar questions that were included on the census years ago, but was not included in the 2010 Census.

“It is a very reasonable thing for Americans to want to understand who are our citizens, how many do we have? That is a completely reasonable question to put on the Census,” Toomey said.

“There is no reason for this, no reason whatever,” Casey said. “That’s why we’ve never had it on the Census in recent American history, it’s been tried in the past. It’s wrong.”

The White House says it now plans to get more citizenship information from other government agencies instead of the Census.