Lakeshore Towing has been helping local boaters and handling waterfront construction and repair jobs for more than 30 years, and business continues to grow.

The company specializes in helping boaters on the bay and lake.

About 1300 local boaters have memberships and use Lakeshore as sort of a marine version of AAA.

Others just call when they need help.

And boaters need help for all sorts of reasons.

Lakeshore Towing President Eric Guerrein said, "Everything from a simple breakdown to a boat that ends up high and dry on the beach or sunk to the bottom of the lake. We do all that type of towing and recovery."

The company helps out 300-350 boaters every year.

But Lakeshore also handles a lot of construction and repair projects including building docks, dock walls and fishing piers.

And inspecting and repairing intake cribs for Erie Water Works.

Lakeshore operates five boats plus four barges to handle all the various jobs.

That number has steadily grown over the years.

And Lakeshore President Eric Guerrein expects the business will keep growing in the future.

He said, "It has been over 30 years now. And we're still growing, slow but strong."