We're expecting to see some hot temperatures this week, making it uncomfortable for many people.

But for those who have to work in it, the heat poses an added challenge.

Erie News Now was on the scene Monday, as Erie Firefighters responded to a fire call at a home on Erie’s west side.

It happened at home near 17th and Plum street around 2:30 in the afternoon.

It turned out to be a dryer fire, so not a scorching blaze, but still, fire fighters had to don their turnout gear, when temperatures were in the mid-80's. It’s only expected to get hotter later this week, with a potential heat wave on the way, even record-breaking temperatures.

We know getting all bundled up to head to fires or accidents is of course just a part of the job,  but in a fire, firefighters tell us the heat tends to hover to their bodies while in the gear.

Fire fighters know this, and take precautions while at any scene, “A lot of times when we have fires like this we'll call in extra companies to relieve the guys, let them take brakes, get their coat off so they can cool down and get some water, because in minutes you might be drenched (from sweat) before you even get to the fire in this kind of weather,” said John Herrmann, Deputy Chief with the City of Erie Fire Department.

In any extreme weather, if firefighters are going to be at a large fire scene for an extended amount of time, the department does have a large bus, with air conditioning in the summer, and heat in the winter, to give them a place at a scene to cool down or warm up.