July is the hottest month of the year and the temperatures this week are showing.

Temperatures in the 80°F and 90°F  brings concerns especially to the elderly who may live alone and those who do not have air condition.

The number one weather related death in the United States is heat.

The folks that receive Meals on Wheels tell Erie News Now they plan to stay cool by hanging out inside with their air conditions on high.

The Meals on Wheels directive is that they make personal contact during every drop off and during the warmer months volunteer drivers say they take extra time to check on their clients.

"We need to check on the people, especially those who do not have air conditioning", says Barbara Brairton Volunteer Driver for Meals on Wheels. "This is a vital service that we provide beyond meals. The meals are one thing, they get the physical nourishment, but I think the spiritual, emotional, and physiological is worth a whole lot".

In the past Brairton tells Erie News Now she had a client who have no air conditioning and it gave her major concerns if he would be okay.

The Meals on Wheels drivers are normally the only people they see all day so taking an extra few minutes to have a conversation with them makes a huge difference. 

"If it were my mom and dad and they were at home and somebody came and knocked at the door to check on them and engage with them it's worth more than you know", says Brairton.

Volunteer drivers say it's more than just giving them meals but establishing a trusting relationship.

Officials suggest during these next few days to check on your elderly neighbors and friends to make sure they are handling the warm temperatures.