Summer is definitely here and with the rising temperatures, people often times forget that their phones and other devices may be over-heating. 

A cell phone technician at "Cell Fixer" tells us the best way to prevent heat exhaustion is to turn off the Wifi, put your phone in a car, and keep it out of the sunlight. 

This time of year is when business is booming for cell-phone technicians because people don't realize how much damage can come from having their phones out in the sun until it is too late. Many people wait until they get a notification before they do anything about it.

Some warnings your phone may be overheated are when the temperatures begin to rise, your battery seems to be lagging, the screen turns dim, you lose signal, the screen is hot to the touch, or the camera on the phone stops working. Cheap cables and low-quality phones are at a greater risk for heat damage. Water damage is also something to look out for this time of year. 

Cell phone repairs can cost anywhere from $250-$400. 

To revive a heat-damaged device at home, you can place it under a seat, wrapped in a towel, or surrounded by ice. It may even be best to keep your phone indoors while enjoying the summer heat.