A forensic reconstruction has been created based on information collected about the human remains found in Cascade Creek at Frontier Park. Police said they hope releasing the sketches to the public will help identify the remains.

A total of 29 human bones were found during multiple searches after the remains were first discovered April 6. While most of the larger bones were recovered, their origin was not found, police said.

An analysis of the bones by the Applied Forensic Science Department at Mercyhurst University determined the remains belonged to a white male who was 30-55 years of age, 5' 5" to 5' 11" tall and had been dead for one to three years.

The mandible and a femur were sent to the University of North Texas for DNA analysis, which can take anywhere from six months to one year to complete. Once a DNA profile is developed, it will be entered into CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) to see if a match can be identified.

Erie Police said they are still looking into missing persons reports in the City of Erie and surrounding areas to see if the remains can be identified.

The forensic reconstruction was created by Professor Michelle Vitali from Edinboro University Institute of Applied Sciences, who police said volunteered her time to develop the sketches based on the skull and other remains found.

Anyone with information or who can help identify the remains is asked to call Det. Sgt. Christopher Janus at 814-870-1151 or Det. Matt Berarducci at 814-870-1221.