Table of Grace United Methodist Church just completed their second-ever bedroom makeover in Erie. The church has started a project to help families with young children, give them the bedroom of their dreams. The makeovers are at no cost to the families.

Saturday's makeover involved two bedrooms; one was for a 13-year old girl and the other was for an 8-year-old girl. The family went out to visit the church where there were various activities for them and then they spent some time at Waldameer with church members while another group went to work on the bedrooms.

Each bedroom costs roughly $1,500 and everything is bought new for the rooms. The church group has a designer who gets to know the child's style and what they might like. Then, she goes shopping for items that fit the child's wants and the group gets to work cleaning and completely redoing the room.

The process takes about one month for planning and shopping, but the actual makeover is done in just a few hours. Table of Grace Church is accepting monetary donations to help with future bedroom makeovers for local children. all donations can be dropped off to 2113 Sassafras St. Erie, PA 16502.