How much of a health risk is it if you live near Erie Coke? That's what the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is finding out.

The DEP is taking another step to ensure the safety of those that live near Erie Coke.

The organization is gathering air quality samples around the plant and throughout nearby neighborhoods to see if the plant creates a health risk.

"We're hoping that it's either going to tell us yes if there is pollution coming off of Erie Coke or no if there isn't," said DEP Community Relations Coordinator Tom Decker.

The DEP will be monitoring for compounds related to Coke production, that could be harmful for people that live near the plant.

The DEP says the information collected in these will be used to help environment and the community.

There are 13 of those devices placed around the Erie Coke plant, with four of them places in surrounding neighborhoods.

Samples will be collected every two weeks.