Lascar Electronics began in England in 1977, then expanded to Hong Kong and the United States.

It's American operation is right here in Erie.

The company designs, makes and sells a wide variety of electronic items, primarily used by companies for industrial and medical applications.

Executive Vice-President Brian Law said, "We are the sales channel into the Americas. So we represent a distribution network for the global operation."

The actual manufacturing takes place at a Lascar facility in Hong Kong.

Items are then sent to the Erie office where they are packed up and shipped to North American customers.

But many of the products are designed in Erie by highly trained engineers.

Law said, "Customers come to us with ideas for things we have never thought of and we have the capabilities to mass produce that item and really work hand in hand with the customer to deliver something they need."

While the company custom makes many items it also has a wide inventory of products for sale.

Lascar is on the cutting edge of the ever expanding array of digital products.

Its engineers even designing web applications to meet the needs of customers.