Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers is a nationwide company with 400 locations around the country.

A locally owned franchise opened in Fairview in January, and it has been busier than expected.

The therapy takes many forms, including helping people improve their ability to walk, run or get around after accidents or surgeries. And hands-on healing to help relieve aches and pains.

All the therapy emphasizing a holistic approach or whole body wellness.

Owner & Vice President Karla Mazza said, "So if you came to us because you had a shoulder injury but that shoulder injury was because you fell, we want to understand what the root problem is and why did you fall from that?"

Fyzical also does a lot of work to improve the balance of their patients and uses a lot of high tech equipment

Staff members get extensive training to make sure they are up to date on all the latest therapies and techniques.

Being part of a nationwide franchise makes training easier, and helps the local owners purchase the latest equipment.

Owner and President Chris Bailey said, "The systems that Fyzical has developed and taught all of us are just really tremendous."

Right now Fyzical is seeing about 170 patients a week and that number keeps growing.