State Police in Warren are still investigating an incident in which an Amish buggy was shot with a BB gun, injuring a young girl who was inside.

According to State Police, the buggy was traveling east along this section of Route 6 in Pittsfield Township at 2pm on Sunday.  An SUV, burgundy in color, was traveling westbound when an occupant of that SUV shot a BB gun at the buggy.

The BB pierced the side of the buggy and then struck a juvenile female who was inside. One of the girl's relatives told Erie News Now that the girl was taken to the hospital to have the BB removed. That girl was lucky, as the BB struck her close to her eye.

Erie News Now also talked with Vonnie Fitzgerald, who lives on Route 6, very close to where the incident happened.   She has Amish neighbors on either side of her house. She says the Amish usually keep to themselves and do not cause any trouble.  She never heard of anyone targeting them in the past.


"Yes, it's shocking.  It's surprising and it's a little bit scary to think somebody would do that to some innocent people traveling on the highway.  We have a lot of traffic through here and it seems like the violence is spreading out into the country more,” Fitzgerald said.


State Police have no leads beyond the color of the SUV, but they still are investigating and hope to receive some tips from the public.