Erie Coke filed a petition Wednesday to present additional evidence to a judge who will soon decide if the plant can stay open despite numerous air pollution violations.

The hearing before Judge Steven Beckman concerning Erie Coke's future adjourned almost three weeks ago.

Erie Coke offered testimony and evidence as to why its plant on Erie's waterfront should stay open, but it now wants two additional pieces of evidence that were not available during the hearing in the court record.

One exhibit contains monitoring reports that shows that the plant's smokestack emissions exceeded the DEP's 20 percent opacity standards for only 379 minutes in July. That's means the company was in compliance 99.15 percent of the time. The exhibit also shows that Erie Coke did not violate the 60 percent opacity standard at all in July.

A second exhibit that Erie Coke wants added to the court record is an engineering evaluation the company compiled that deals with planned improvements for the capture and collection of dust in the plant's coke pushing shed.

The documents show the company's desire to achieve compliance, according to Erie Coke.

Erie Coke officials testified at the July hearing that they have a plan to correct the air pollution problems that have been occurring at the plant. They have a new management team in place to make sure that plan is followed.

The company said its entire future hangs in the balance, and the judge should have all relevant evidence to base his decision.

Judge Steven Beckman is expected to make a ruling within a few days on whether the plant can stay open.