An attorney is no longer permitted to represent the Erie's Public Schools on charter issues following what the district calls "inappropriate" comments during Wednesday night's hearing on the renewal of Erie Rise Leadership Academy's charter, according to a statement from the school district Thursday afternoon.

Attorney Timothy Sennett said the charter school’s test scores are so low that its students cannot even read the newspaper.

The school district's statement said, "Attorney Sennett may continue to represent the school district on other issues, but discussions need to be held between the school board and his firm."

The charter school employees and supporters have testified against the school board in hopes to get renewed for the next school year.

Low test scores and poor attendance are a large part of why the school board wants to end the program.

The Erie School Board is expected to make a decision in the next 30 days.

Full statement

Recent comments by one of the attorneys representing the district were inappropriate and in no way reflect the administration’s or the School Board’s beliefs, or the kind of culture and climate we are working to foster. He will no longer represent the district on charter issues.

The district and Erie Rise families share the same goal: to ensure all of our students receive the best education possible.

Brian Polito, Superintendent of Schools
Frank Petrungar, Jr., President, Board of School Directors

Wednesday's hearing

The except of the meeting included in this story starts at 1:22:19.