Cornerstone Construction has been a busy local contractor for the past 34 years.

The 12 employees keep busy with a wide range of projects.

Owner Gene Seip and General Manager Matt Edmiston say the company has been successful because of their Christian faith, and dedicated employees.

He said, "I think your employees are what make you and represent you best."

Those employees handle all kinds of work.

But unlike many contractors the focus is not on new construction. It is on renovating or expanding existing space, primarily for commercial and industrial customers.

Seip said, "A lot of people are out there building homes or constructing buildings. My guys are more geared toward renovations like this project here."

Edmiston said, "A lot of times it is more challenging than building new because you open up a wall and you find wires or plumbing in there that you were not expecting."

Cornerstone has specialized in commercial and industrial renovation work for more than 30 years handling jobs for many of the region's biggest companies but also doing many smaller projects as well.