In the blink of an eye, the children of Shavona Overton and Luther Jones were gone.

The families came forward Monday to share their grief, their memories and ask why there weren't more smoke detectors in the home daycare where their children were staying when the fire broke out.

La'Myhia Jones age 8, Luther Jones Jr. age 6, Ava Jones age 4 and Jaydan Augustyniak just 9-months old all lost their lives after being trapped for a time in the smoky house fire early Sunday morning.

The kids were at daycare while their mom, Shavona was working 3rd shift as a Certified Nurse Aid at LECOM Senior Living.

The father of the Jones children, as a volunteer firefighter for Lawrence Park was on a call was backing up for Erie firefighters, not knowing at the time that they were battling in an attempt to save his children's lives.

The extended family is putting their arms around the parents and each other as they prepare for a funeral for four on Saturday at Second Baptist Church.

It's the same church where the littlest victim Jaydan, was dedicated not long ago.

Both parents say they miss their children more than they can express.  It's a feeling of not knowing what to do.

They directed no blame toward Elaine Harris, the mother who operated the daycare.  They are praying for her to recover from the injuries she suffered in the fire.

But the parents and grandparents can't understand why there was only one smoke detector in the attic of the house.  They believe if there were more, their children would have been alive.