A judge for the environmental hearing board has denied Erie Coke's request to add new evidence to the record. The company's petition was filed Wednesday and the company claims the documents would show the company's desire to achieve compliance.

Last month, the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board held a hearing to determine if Erie Coke can remain open. The hearing came about after the state department of environmental protection denied the company's request to renew its operating permit.

Lawyers did not issue closing arguments, instead filing briefs due Aug. 7. Erie Coke Corporation filed its petition to add the additional evidence on the due date. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection filed a response two days later.

In its response, the DEP said admitting the evidence without a cross-examination would be prejudiced toward the company. 

Erie Coke had cited the new evidence in its brief, and the DEP requested all references to that new evidence be stricken, which Judge Steven Beckman granted.

Beckman said during the hearing that he would make a ruling after both sides filed closing briefs Aug. 7.