Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of that explosive grand jury report on clergy sex abuse in Erie and other Catholic Dioceses around the state.

'And Thursday is the final day for victims to apply for the diocese-run compensation fund.

Bishop Lawrence Persico today said the diocese has paid about about $3 million to  victims since the fund began in the wake of the grand jury report.

Fifty-six victims applied to the fund. 
Some of the applications are still pending.

But Persico still remains opposed to reforms to make it easier to file civil lawsuits for past abuse, unless the reforms cover all institutions, not just the church.

Persico says handling the abuse crisis is his top priority.

He said, "That does not preclude the fact I have other responsibilities. But this is the number one issue that had to be addressed and also monitor."

Persico says collections in the diocese are down 4% in the past year.

He believes at least part of the reason is reaction to the grand jury report.

Perico on Tuesday released the following letter on the grand jury report that will be shared with parishioners on Sunday: