WASHINGTON, D.C. - John Fazio’s day in Washington usually starts by seeing what’s happening back home in Western Pennsylvania.

“We check the voicemails to see which constituents have called overnight and if they have any concerns they have addressed during the day,” said Fazio, 22.

The Allegheny College senior is wrapping up his summer internship with U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly. But Fazio isn’t just answering phones. He’s also getting real-world experience he plans to use at Allegheny, and also into law school.

“I assist the staff in policy research and attend briefings and things like that,” Fazio said.

You might also hear from Megan Eaton on the other end of the phone when you call Kelly’s office. This is Eaton’s second internship overall. But it’s the first on Capitol Hill for the Butler County native, who recently graduated from Messiah College.

“I’ve always done nonprofit work, whether that be jobs at school or internships I’ve had,” Eaton said. “So, I wanted to see the other side of it and see what it looked like to actually be in government work.”

Sometimes, that work includes meetings with the boss himself, and learning more about the district they are representing for the summer.

Something else unique about Congressman Kelly’s local interns: neither of them started their college careers majoring in political science or economics, which are traditional fields of study for students interning on Capitol Hill. That makes this internship, all the more important.

“It’s honestly a dream come true for me to be,” Fazio said. “It’s really a thrill to be here and be in this environment.”

“I really have been enjoying it,” Eaton said. “I really hope to stay on the Hill.”