This isn't the first time that the Overton family has dealt with the loss of a child.

This time though, they are face the terrible loss of four children all at one time.

Great Aunt Jennifer Overton understands first hand how it feels.  

Jennifer lost her 6-year-old grandson Nyon Warren earlier this year. He was killed by a hit and run driver on Buffalo road.  The driver of the daycare van that hit him was tracked down.

In December of 2014, her son Jaree Warren, just 23-years-old, was fatally shot outside the Last Stop Cafe at 18th and Raspberry Street.

Jennifer Overton said you have to learn to live with it, you never get over it. "Holidays come, birthdays come...anything that reminds you of them will come around and you have to regroup again."

She can't believe her family is on a tragic journey again, this time four babies, the children of her niece Shavona Overton all gone in an instant.

She plans to be help her niece live with the loss. "I want to be a help to others who’s going though what they’re going through and I think right now that’s what I’m here for to make sure that they have some resource on how you do this," Jennifer said. 

For now she just plans to give hugs, listen and sometimes just be there and be quiet, and share how her faith has helped her through. "But when you have a relationship with god you know what he can pull you through, I’m just trying to show that, I’m trying to let my light shine for them to let them know what God has done for me," Overton said.