A longtime bakery and restaurant is expanding.
Owners of the Main Street Cakery in Fairview tell Erie News Now they've been doing well and will open a second location in a unique spot in Summit Township.

An area called Copperleaf Village on Route 99, just North of Hershey Road will house the new Cakery location. The bakery and restaurant will be there, with homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner served. There will also now be a focus on fancy coffees and smoothies in a coffee shop section with comfy seating, and a community table for those living in the complex and other customers.

Cakery Owner, Sam Ring, says, "It would be convenient coming out, a lot of parking here on the complex, so its a little different than what we've done, but its an interesting trend going around the states, almost building a small city here." 

Ring says equipment for inside the business has already been ordered. A possible opening at the Summit Township location could be in November, pending the permit process.