Erie County took the first steps towards the new state mandated voting systems.

The 2019 primary election in May was the last election where Pennsylvania voters will be using digital voting machines with no paper trail.

By the 2020 primary election all 67 Pennsylvania counties are required to have new voting systems that provide a paper trail.

At the Erie Council meeting the Erie Board of Elections chose Dominion to provide the new voting systems for the upcoming 2020 primary election.

Chairman of the election board, Carl Anderson said, "the city of Erie is in a position to take advantage of funds from the federal government as well as leftover funds which totals to roughly $380,000. The Governor also made a commitment to provide at least 60 percent of the funds for the counties."

The next step to finalize the machines is receiving approval of the contract and the expenditure of the money. That will be taking place at the first council meeting in September.