Clear the Shelters is a national day sponsored by NBC and its affiliates where shelters waive or discount the adoption fee.

 In Erie, more than four shelters participated in the day with various discounts and waivers to help get pets adopted.

The local shelters spay/neuter their animals as well as give them necessary vaccines. Some even microchip animals in case they get lost and all of it is included in the adoption fees.

Two area shelters saw record adoptions in one day. The Erie Animal Network, which was participating in Clear the Shelters for the first time, adopted out 12 cats Saturday. Orphan Angels also had a shelter record of 26 adoptions.

The Erie Humane Society adopted out 33 cats and dogs and the French Creek Animal Rescue sent home 8 cats.

French Creek Animal Rescue chose to extend their adoption incentive through their animals' time at their shelter. Instead of waving adoption fees, the shelter had donors sponsor cats and kittens.

The sponsorship pays for the adoption fee for the cat's entire time at the shelter, not just for the day. There are more than 30 sponsored cats still looking for forever homes.