"Grief is a process. Don't make it your permanent address."

Those words spoken by Rev. Lamont Higginbottom at the homegoing Saturday were a message of encouragement for the Overton and Jones families.
The words were also an expression of enlightenment for the Erie community as it attempts to move forward united as one, after the recent tragedies.
It was a sentiment echoed Sunday, by Pastor Charles Mock, who views the continual outpouring of community support for the families as an a example of how Erie grow together. However, it shouldn't stop there.

"Don't stop now let's keep it moving, keep it going forward, by intentionally partnering with organizations, opening ourselves up to people and to organizations so that we can actually begin to do together what we have not been able to do apart," Mock said.

As the community tries to move forward they're still praying for and keeping in mind the family and friends who were affected by this tragedy.

"It is a grieving process and one that we have to gently teach, gently train and gently have compassion on these families," Bishop Dwane Brock said. "After the funeral services are over they still have to deal, so they're still in our prayers and our doors are still open for counseling and things of that nature."