Community Health Net began as a small clinic in 1985.

It has grown to an agency with more than 100 employees, providing affordable health care to thousands of people every year at its main office in downtown Erie, and other locations as well.

The agency handles all sorts of medical problems.

Nurse Practitioner Sandra Arnold said, "Day to day it could be a cold, allergy, women's health concerns. it varies. I enjoy answering their questions, assisting them with care, or even helping them get to a specialist if needed."

The agency also provides dental care.

Dentist Maryna Petrashevaskaya said, "It is a really good feeling at the end of the day kind of job. We provide care for the people who need it most."

And Community Health Net also has a pharmacy and handles eye care issues.

CEO Craig Ulmer says no one is turned away, whether they have insurance or no.

He said, "Community Health Net can help them by providing a sliding fee scale based on family size and income."

The agency serves about 12,000 patients every year.

And that number is growing with the addition of more doctors and health care professionals to serve patients.