For the second time a matter of days, an Erie family surrounded by the community, laid a young child to rest Tuesday.

Dalvin Pacley, the last of the five children killed in a tragic home daycare fire, was celebrated and sent to his heavenly home at Second Baptist Church.

Dalvin was only two years old, but during the funeral, he was remembered as a hero and a little boy who made a big impact, along with the other four children in bringing our community together.

In songs, prayers and scripture, Dalvin's family heard messages of hope and promises that after a season of weeping, joy will come.

Eulogist Pastor Harry Euell Jr. told the mourners this is not a sunset but a reunification of Dalvin going back home to be with God.

"Once you get to the place where you look beyond the tears and the pain, this is a kingdom moment," said Euell. "Dalvin, even in his absence, is about kingdom business."

Dalvin is the son of Karina Facchiano and Elijah Pacley Sr.

The owner of the daycare, Elaine Harris, who is now home from a Pittsburgh hospital joined in the funeral service and was embraced by prayers and loving arms as well. Dalvin's grandmother also demonstrated grace and love to Harris in words shared during the service. "Miss Elaine I love you, and I’m so happy happy that you’re okay and I’m sorry you have to share this with us," Facchiano said.

Dalvin, described as fearless, funny, charming and full of rhythm, will never reach his earthy potential, but preachers and speakers said he was born with a purpose and made a big impact.

"Dalvin was born as one of the five to shake Erie up out of its sleep," said Pastor Anthony Harris. "I believe God sent him to say you would not believe me when I told you you all need to come together."

City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember echoed that sentiment. "I believe that Dalvin is changing Erie, making Erie a better place," said Schember.

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper promised Dalvin's family that the community will be here to support them with anything they need in the days to come.

Pastor Euell thanked all the other pastors who participated in the funeral service for helping him through.