18-year-old Chloe Painter has been looking forward to being a senior color guard member at McDowell High School. That dream was taken from her when the school said she could no longer play.

Chloe moved here from Tennessee and attended McDowell high school her sophomore year. She transferred to Villa Maria Academy during her junior year.

Before transferring, Chloe said she was aware that Villa did not have color guard, which has been a big part of her life. Chloe and her parents made sure that even at Villa, she would still be able to be a part of the color guard at McDowell, knowing that other students were allowed to do it. The Painter family said they got the okay from the McDowell High School.

Three days before band camp began during her senior year, McDowell High School said she was not allowed to participate in color guard. The news came after she put in countless summer hours of practice with her team and was allowed to participate during her junior year.

Chloe has been looking forward senior night, senior gifts, senior speech, her letterman jacket and just being a senior color guard member. She now has to sit on the sidelines and watch her best friends do it all. 

The school said if they allow Chloe to play, it opens the door for more outside students to do the same. They are not allowing Chloe to be a member of color guard her senior year.

Chloe’s father plans to continue to attend school board meetings and fight for his daughter. Mr. Painter said there is still two months left in band season, and the band coach said Chloe’s spot is still saved.

Chloe’s teammates have started a petition to bring her back and let her march. You can check out the petition here.