Redus Boykin's love for cars started when he was a teenager, and was birthed out of a love for his mother.

"It started when my mother had a need for it. She was getting a divorce and I was young, and she didn't have another guy to depend on and I really wanted to help," Boykin said. "So I began fixing her car and getting information, and it went from there."

Before long, Boykin's desire to help, wasn't limited to his mother only.

"I had maybe 20 books because I would help all my friends, they would bring their cars to my house and I would help them with their vehicles, so it was mostly self taught," Boykin said. 

He would eventually expand on his passion for automobiles by getting his technical education and signing on to work for a larger company. The father and husband always had plans to be an entrepreneur, but it was a situation while working for that company that would give him the push.

"I had an incident where I wasn't able to come into work because I had originally scheduled certain days off per week and they scheduled me, Boykin said. "I said can't make it because I had this responsibility, which was actually my daughter at the time, then I said 'oh ok', so that actually pushed me."

Boykin was prepared for this possibility, because he had his own garage. It's the same place he works out of now. To this day he's thankful for that decision.

"It worked out really well actually, I said 'ok' this is it, this what we have to do, no hard feelings," Boykin said. "Take all the money I saved and pour it into the business."

For those looking to venture out on their own, Boykin recommends researching the need in the market and figuring out a way to meet that need. It's something he did for his family, friends, and now the Erie community.