The school year is here, did you catch all the back to school savings?

School supplies can get expensive but it's not too late to save some extra money on these back to school deals.

New folders, pencils, and paper are essential for back to school shopping and like any other school year, making the most of every dollar is critical.

Store owners tell Erie News Now it's not to late for those back to school savings and deals like these are something you don't want to miss.

Teachers are also taking advantage of the last minute deals to brighten up the classroom for their students.

"Kids like to see decorations in a room," says Lucinda Rieck, a local preschool teacher. "When you change the decorations they will come in and notice and they will say wow, they like a colorful room."

Items trending this year at target are crayons, colorful plastic folders, and number 2 pencils.