Lincoln Recycling is a third generation family business that has been serving our region since the 1930s.

About 65 employees in Millcreek and Meadville take in, process, and sell millions of pounds of metal every year.

Customers drop off all sorts of items, with employees unloading about 100 vehicles every day.

Perhaps the most common items brought in are aluminum cans.

It all becomes scrap with customers cashing in.

But the majority of the metal actually comes from industries around the tri state area.

Vice President Jeremy Lincoln said, "Even though the region is changing there is a very strong manufacturing base that we serve here."

The metals go through a lot of steps before it is shipped out of the door in huge bundles.

It is a complex process.

Crews have to make sure the different metals are separated, then chopped up, and finally prepared for shipping.

The biggest customers are steel mills. But many other industries also buy the recycled metal, helping the environment, while getting a steady supply of the materials they need.

It is a never ending process

Jeremy Lincoln said, "In any given year, it is at least 100-million pounds that we are collecting from northwest Pennsylvania and shipping out throughout the region."