Erie City Council members will soon vote on an ordinance aimed at improving safety at day care facilities.

The ordinance was drafted in response to the Harris Family Daycare fire, which claimed the lives of five children on Aug. 11.

Investigators said there was only one smoke detector located in the home's attic.

Currently, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is responsible for inspecting day care centers. However, it legally can not cite a facility for a lack of smoke detectors.

Under the ordinance, fire inspectors would check each place annually to ensure that they have the proper amount of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Council members said they expect the ordinance to pass.

"When your're dealing with people's kids, or you're dealing with rental properties, you should have some expectation that you're going to be safe," said Kaz Kwitowski, Erie City Councilman. "If we can do that through some kind of ordinance by working with the state, I think we should. Nobody wants to see this happen again."

The City of Erie has pinpointed 40 daycares throughout the city.

The fire chief told Erie News Now the department has already started inspecting some of the centers to ensure that they are safely equipped.