After months of waiting, the first Sunday of betting on the NFL regular season started in Pennsylvania. Sports bettors and fans from around the region ventured to Presque Isle Downs and Casino to take part in the action.

The casino has 50 kiosks for bettors to use, supplied by BetAmerica. It held it's grand opening for the sports betting section in August, to coincide with the start of the NFL preseason.

Football is the biggest moneymaker among sports in the United States, with billions wagered each year in Vegas sports books.

"Been to Vegas four times, but I actually like it here better. I love the kiosks, it's a lot easier," Alex Shupe, a Buffalo Bills fan, said. "When you're in Vegas you've got to wait in a line and have to walk to a betting window and give them numbers to type, but here you have tons of options it's pretty easy."