Mother Nature is reminding everyone that it is still technically Summer! Temperatures will rebound into the upper 70's and lower 80's again around the middle of the week.

Below is an image of the American Model's "temperature anomaly" product for Wednesday afternoon. Anomaly means departure from normal, so this product is explaining how the temperatures will be compared to the normal high for this time of the year. Red colors signify a greater likelihood of above normal temperatures. There is a lot of red on the map in the Northeastern United States, so everyone in Northwest Pennsylvania can expect the temperatures to heat up once again!



There will also be a chance for showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday in Northwest Pennsylvania. The American model is showing a likelihood of rain in the forecast, but the air will be unstable because of the warmth and humidity, so there could also be some thunderstorms in the mix. The First Warning Weather team will be watching to see if anything severe breaks out.


The weather will begin to quiet down again on Thursday, with a small chance of a few rain showers again on Friday. Next weekend is looking sunny with seasonal temperatures. Enjoy!

Meteorologist Joe Curtis