The cool fall temperatures are a sign that fall is right around the corner.

Many folks are beginning to get in the spirit with fall decorations.

But how early is too early to buy those pumpkins?

Mason Farms tell Erie News Now pumpkins should last until the end of October but you must take care of them.

John Mason shared a few tips on how to make your pumpkin last.

A pumpkin should be kept in the shade and you should wash them down with chlorinated water to make them last longer.

"If you are getting the right pumpkin, look for one that doesn't have any marks or anything on it, it's nice and firm pumpkin and you should be good," says John Mason, Owner of Mason Farms. "Use some chlorinated water just to clean it off a little bit, keep it shaded, and you should be good to get through fall".

While it's too early to start carving your pumpkins, it's never to early to paint them.

It's all about getting into the fall spirit and celebrating another beautiful season here in Erie. 

"Fall decorating has become very popular," says Mason. "I mean it's definitely second to Christmas but not by much, so you're seeing a lot of decorations whether it be lights or anything else. It's fun to get into the fall spirit , especially here where the seasons change.

But if you still are thinking it's too early to buy pumpkins you can always decorate and add them in later. 

Mason Farms Pumpkin Town will be opening this weekend on September, 14.