A veteran and teacher at a Girard school will appear on this Thursday's episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Jason Johnson, a physical education teacher at Elk Valley Elementary, had an opportunity to become a contestant on the popular game show over the summer.

"When you are standing in line and there is all those people you think to yourself there's absolutely no way," says Johnson. "They were finishing up the second show and I texted my wife seeing if I should stick around for the third one, she said of course and like right then they called my name to go up at the end of the second round of the show and I go oh I guess I'm going to be on this one!"

He has been a lifelong fan of the TV show, back in college with his wife they would watch the show together, solving puzzles is something they enjoy.

Johnson tells Erie News Now his son Cooper would shout out letters from his high chair back when he was to young to even know.

This past spring, Johnson went to Cleveland to audition, he then later went to Los Angeles over the Summer for the show. 

Johnson expressed that his personality is what helped him make it to the end.  

"I never realized how much went into being on the show it's not just like you're standing there, I mean their are coaches and all these things that you don't realize watching the show," says Johnson. "It's a lot stuff you feel a little pressure while you're there it's really crazy, it's not just like sitting in your living room saying I know the answer to this."

You can watch the episode Thursday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. on WSEE/CBS.