Furious was an understatement to describe reactions at the Albion Borough Council meeting Tuesday night after the council voted to disband the Albion Police Department. 
Many parents attended the meeting to support their children's safety. A father of 9 children in Albion said, 
"when we elect these officials we take for granted that these officials have safety as there top priority and after tonight I'm ashamed to say this is not the top priority"

One community member says the chairman of the council is a "liar" and over the course of the past few months the town has consistently shown up to the council meetings because there was word of the possibility of the town disbanding the police department. While the chairman claimed he had no idea what the members were talking about.

After the majority rules vote Tuesday, the decision to disband the police department will be advertised for 10 days. Then, the council will meet again to vote on whether they accept or decline the ordinance.