Fall is right around the corner which starts the beginning of flu season. Have you gotten your flu shot or do you wait until later in the season?

The CDC recommends getting the flu shot before the end of October and Doctors tells Erie News Now it can take two weeks for the shot to be affective. 

Dr. Robert Watine explains how you feel after receiving the flu shot, "my feeling is if you feel sick for two days out of 365 that's pretty good."

He tells Erie News Now it's not to early to start receiving the vaccination now and the flu season runs from October to May.

 "We like to start vaccinating by the end of October," says Dr. Watine. "Their are signs up to get it now at local pharmacies."

But the best time to get the flu shot is sometime in October, "October would be the best time," says Dr. Watine. 

You can get the shot where ever is most convenient and it's the same shot anywhere.

But if you're someone who doesn't get the flu shot you're running a lot of risks. 

"Not to mention you're going to be out of work so if you want to roll the dice and run the risk of not getting to go for it," says Dr. Watine. "I think that's a real mistake."

If you do get the flu vaccination that doesn't mean you won't get sick at all. "The flu shot vaccination doesn't guarantee you won't get the flu but if you do get the flu it's a milder form like a really bad head cold," says Dr. Watine.