Early in the predictions for Hurricane Dorian, Florida was expected to get hit hard. Many people in the Erie area have loved ones that live along the Atlantic coast and were worried about their safety.

Erie News Now checked in with some of those residents last week to see how they were preparing for the hurricane. Now, many of those people are back in their homes and returning to their daily lives.

Paris Eaton is one of those Erie natives who expected to see the worst of Dorian, so she and her family left their Florida home to ride out the hurricane in Erie.

"We didn't really know what to expect," Eaton said, "considering what was projected to happen and what actually happened I'm feeling really fortunate."

She and her husband are now making sure they're prepared if another hurricane comes their way. They have only lived in their Florida home for two months, but say after Hurricane Dorian they feel they learned what they need to do for next time.

"Lesson one would be to make sure you have some sort of back up power and especially AC because you won't survive down here without it," Eaton said.

She also noted the importance of being ready before being told a hurricane is on the way, "making sure you have enough non-perishable food—and I think the biggest thing is having it all ahead of time, not right when the hurricane is coming in."

While Florida residents like the Eaton family didn't see a lot of damage, many other areas were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. The Red Cross is accepting donations and is in need of volunteers to help those areas clean up and recover in the coming months.