Some citizens in Albion are not sitting still while their borough council is taking steps to disband the municipal police department.  Those citizens intend to take council to court.


Borough council voted 5 to 2 last night for its solicitor to draft an ordinance that would disband the municipal police department. That ordinance must be advertised for ten days before a final vote is taken. 

A group of citizens jammed the meeting hall urging council to save the department, which is comprised of Chief Dan Ries and one other officer. State Police answer emergency calls in Albion when the municipal cops are off duty.   Troopers would be in charge of covering the borough full-time when and if the local department is disbanded.

Steph Kramer has been a long-time advocate for the Albion Police Department since the force was whittled down from ten officers early last year.  She says an attorney has been contacted and work on the injunction is underway.


It is unknown when the injunction will be filed.  Council plans to use the money budgeted for the police department on other municipal needs such as streets and sidewalks.