Gerry Gendlin, Phd., professor of International Politics at Edinboro University said he wasn't surprised by President Donald Trump's decision to fire National Security Adviser John Bolton. 

Dr. Gendlin said Bolton's consistent dissent on major issues, made it impossible for him to stay in President Trump's good graces.

His observation is based on the management style of the president. "He wants a full discussion, he wants all the different points of view represented, but when he makes up his mind, he doesn't want to hear any dissent, he doesn't want to have anybody disagree with him once he's made up his mind," Gendlin said. "John Bolton could not keep his mouth shut, he's not very demure, he's assertive, he's aggressive...and he lets everybody know when he disagrees with them and he disagreed with the President on a great number of issues and at some point the president had had enough of that."

Professor Gendlin had no speculation on who the next adviser will be.  President Trump is expected to announce his pick next week.  It will be his fourth National Security Adviser.  Gendlin only said he expects it to be a Trump insider, and someone who already has the trust of the president.