Tuesday night, many students walked in support of suicide prevention week. They placed 650 book bags in the middle of the football field representing the 650 college lives lost to suicide.

They carried glow sticks as a symbol of hope and courage for those currently struggling with mental health issues or coping with a loss due to suicide and placed one on each bag.

Clinical case manager at Edinboro University, Haley Atkins said, “many students have come up to me this week thanking me for putting on these events this week because it makes things more open and less stigmatized.”

An RA on campus, Elizabeth Beach, who has also struggled with mental health issues wants not only her residents but everyone to know that they are not alone. She says there are different mechanisms to help cope with mental illness for her personally it was art and turning to friends.

Elizabeth learned herself that just simply saying hi to someone can turn their whole day around.