A Strong Vincent Middle School band teachers Facebook has been getting a lot of attention.

After all her hard work of growing a band program they are looking for instrument donations so that every student has one. 

The kids at Strong Vincent were excited about learning to play a new instrument and their teacher had a huge impact.

Ms. Marena Grondzioski has only been teaching for a year and grew the program from 80 kids to now over 120 students.

With such a growing band program for Strong Vincent Middle School they are looking for the communities help and that's when second year teach Ms. Grondziowski thought about posting something on Facebook.

She never thought it would get so much attention with almost 600 shares. "I got emails, phone calls, text messages, everything," says Ms. Grondzioski, 2nd year Band instructor. "We have a ton of people interested in donating their used instruments to us."

As of Tuesday they have had over 12 instruments donated from the Erie Community and are always looking for more.

"Really, really overwhelmed, it is really nice to see because we know that the Erie music program hasn't been as strong as they have been in the past," says Ms. Grondzioski.  "It was really awesome to see all these people coming forward and donating, they aren't even asking for anything in return, they just gave us these instruments because they wanted the kids to play them and enjoy music like they did when they were younger."

This growing band program helps students express themselves and have some fun while doing it. 

"Growing is awesome and hopefully next year it grows even more," says Ms. Grondzioski. "We want to have instruments for them too."


Ms. Grondzioski and staff at Strong Vincent hope to continue to grow the program for years to come.

If you are interested in donating an instrument you can contact the middle school or send Ms. Marena Grondzioski a direct email mgrondziowski@eriesd.org.

The school is willing to pick up any instruments or they can be dropped off at the school.