Many community members made their voices heard about the overgrown vegetation blocking the bay views on the bluffs during Wednesday's Erie Port Authority meeting.

Neighbors are concerned it is interfering with the open view of the bay from the bluffs.

The Port Authority has maintained the area, and some Erie Community Foundation projects have helped give it a nicer look at times.

After hearing their concerns, Port Authority executive director Brenda Sandberg said they plan to review how the bluffs are being cared for and look for resources and grants to help improve maintenance.

The Port Authority is looking to add a piece of art at the bluffs, so tourists can come and take photos.

"The public art piece would be a sign that is scripted to say 'Erie,' very similar to those that are in Cleveland and other cities, that individuals can come down and take their photograph with," said Sandberg. "The photograph would have a great view of the tower in the background."

That artwork will be refined and submitted for review at the next Board of Directors meeting at the end of September or October.