In Erie,  the memory of those taken on September 11 is kept alive with the annual 9-11 ceremony held along Erie's Bayfront, right at the Blasco Library.
On the 18th Anniversary, it focused on how to keep the generations who weren't born yet or are too young to remember, the impact of the day.

Organizer Mark Aleksandrowicz says there's also the showing of continued respect for the first responders who died 18 years ago. Many local first responders were there again this year. There were also local ROTC students from Erie High School. One, we talked to, who is now 18, comes from a five generation military family. 

Rikki Henderson, is a Senior at Erie High School and in the ROTC program. She says, "I have brothers and sisters that were actually around for the event so especially since we're from a military family so it did feel like a big blow to us." 

Ashlyn Heynoski is a Sophmore, also at Erie High School, and in the ROTC program. She says, "It's talked about in school, usually on 9-11, but other than that, it kinda stays in that day." 

Speakers, including those with first-hand accounts of 9-11 were part of the service at the Blasco Library.