A day already considered "unlucky" is getting an extra superstitious boost this year.

There's going to be a micro harvest moon. A harvest moon happens closest to the fall equinox, which is on September 21st this year.

What is a micro moon? It's when a full or new moon is farthest from Earth in its orbit, making it appear about 14% smaller than usual.

Many people believe the moon can affect human behavior. Multiple scientific studies suggest that it truly does.

From increased homicides and aggravated assaults around full moons, to social tension and disharmony, studies have found a correlation between the moon and human behavior.

One study found the "repression of the moon's gravitational influence" caused bizarre results. The moon's gravitational influence is weaker, or repressed, when the moon is farther away from Earth.

The moon will rise at 7:47 p.m. Friday night and peak viewing will be after midnight.