The clean up from Hurricane Dorian continues down in the Bahamas but has it affected people from traveling there for vacation?

There is a ton of damage in the Bahamas right now but most of the vacation sports are still open and many resort websites have important announcements at the top of their pages stating that they are still open and were not affected by the hurricane. 

The Bahamas are made up of 700 islands and not all of them were affected. 

Carla Agnello from Cappabianca Travel Agency tells Erie News Now it's important to continue to book vacations to the Bahamas right now. 

"Now is the time to go because those islands need the tourist dollars, they need to rebuild, and they won't be able to rebuild without our tourist dollars," says Agnello. "That's what they rely on."

If your trip was affected due to the hurricane many airlines and hotels are being flexible even if you do not have insurance on your vacation. 

"People who we do have on cruises, again cruises have made adjustments so the cruises haven't been completely canceled," says Agnello. "People are still enjoying their cruise vacations they have maybe just been rerouted to different ports so that hasn't really been affected either."