Cleanup continues in North East Township after very strong winds roared through the area on Wednesday night.

At least three very large trees landed on Tracy Potthoff's house at the intersection of Route 89 and Arnold road, damaging the roof.  She said the violent winds lasted three minutes and came with large hail. She's thankful no one was hurt.

But as Tracy surveyed the damage, she is not only thankful, she also is mystified. A heavy picnic table sat between two trees that are now leaning against her house.  Tracy says it takes five large men to move that table when the lawn needed mowed.

She is amazed and cannot figure out how parts of that now broken table spun around and became impaled in the roots and soil of the toppled trees.

"That's a question we will continue to research and see if we can figure it out. It just shows the magnitude of Mother Nature.  You can lose everything in a minute and what matters is, human life is what matters.  But yeah, we will continue to research that mystery,” she said.