Erie News Now got a look inside the new Eagle's Nest School of Academic Distinction while students were attending classes Friday.

The school is taking in fifth and sixth grade students.

Teachers are assessing them to see where they're at, so they can be paired with a mentor in the community to help them succeed in school.

The school is making a point to call them scholars and teach them to follow rules, integrity, responsibility and respect.

"I call it the learning triangle," said Bishop Dwane Brock of Eagle's Nest School of Academic Distinction. "The student would be surrounded by the teacher, parent and mentor. The mentor is a support mechanism for these young people to let them know they can be successful, and they will be successful."

The curriculum will integrate an Afrocentric focus to teach the scholars how their ancestors and culture have significantly contributed to today's society.

"When a young man knows and finds that his culture and his ancestry have made significant contributions to the welfare of humanity, he is more likely to have a sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-pride," said Bishop Brock. "He's going to police himself as far as responsibility and accountability is concerned. That's what we're banking on, and that's what we're seeing already right now."

The school is still accepting fifth and sixth grade students. Any interested parents can stop by the school's office at 1133 Pennsylvania Ave. in Erie.